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Introducing our Onesie

Why Bamboo?

We chose bamboo for many reasons. Our main reason is that it is ecologically friendly. Did you know that bamboo fabric is naturally green? It is breathable and cool, odour resistant, non toxic, great for sensitive skin, and has natural wicking properties.


Kayden is a very big fan of his nap time. With this outfit being made out of bamboo, it keeps him cool in the summer and warm in the winter! We love that it's super soft and non-irratating. He always sleeps happily while wearing E & B Baby!


Charley has a very sensitive neck. This romper has been the only sleeper that does not rub on skin and bother her. Having the zipper on the side of the outfit, as well as the soft material makes a huge difference.

Our Jumpsuit

Here is a great example of our soft and comfortable jumpsuit being put to good use in the great outdoors


I love the material and design. The buttons at the neck are amazing and I love how the zippers are at the side of the sleeper instead of down the middle. This is beneficial because in the car seat the clips that are down the middle don't sit on top of the zipper. With the onesie it is so easy to do a diaper check even if they are wearing pants, the pocket is in the perfect spot. Very convenient. The material is super soft, stretchy, and breathable.


I fell in love with the E & B Baby peek-a-boo pocket sleepers as soon as I received them as a gift for my newborn son. As he grows, I continue to purchase them as they are my go-to sleepers.  Not only does the pocket allow me to have a quick peek into my son’s diaper without having to completely undress him, the softness of the bamboo fabric doesn’t irritate his sensitive skin. Some of the highlights for me are it is a very convenient pocket to check diapers The material allows a lots of stretch for over cloth or regular diapers without restricting movement. No shrinkage after washing, so the durability is fantastic. Bamboo material that is so soft and gentle on my son’s sensitive skin. The zipper that allows for a quick wardrobe change, with no clumsy snaps that come undone. The zippers go along the side so it is comfortable for my son whether he is on his tummy trying to crawl, or sleeping on his back. Overall a simple classic comfortable design.

I hope you love their products as much as our family does. 


I love these outfits! They are so soft and they fit so nicely on Charley. Not to mention it was super easy to check her bum through the handy little peep hole! I’d definitely order more of these.


Our Sleeper