Finally, a Baby Onesie That Makes Changing Diapers Easier Than Ever


Baby Onesies 101

Whether you call them snapsuits, creepers, diaper shirts, or onesies, bodysuits for babies are designed for the convenience of parents and the comfort of infants. Those larger openings for the head and traditional snaps around the diaper area can definitely reduce your headaches. And short-sleeve and long-sleeve options can also keep baby relaxed and comfy any time of year.

So, how can you possibly take such a wonderful idea and improve it even more?

Peekinz Prep Course

The company behind the magic began as a labor of love for three sisters who also happened to be devoted mothers. They recognized that moms today are busier than ever and have to be efficient multi-taskers. How could they make that rite of passage for all mothers, diaper-changing, just a bit less stressful and demanding? Better yet, could they accomplish their task in an eco-friendly way?

Changing Diapers Made Easy

Have you ever sat down with your fussy baby, prepared for a diaper-changing session and all the complications that may come with it, only to realize you've got a false alarm on your hands? The sisters knew a potential time-saver when they saw one.

The totally innovative yet surprisingly simple idea: a pocket placed on the bum of a onesie that allows a quick peek. An ingenious and quick diaper check method indeed…why didn't someone think of this sooner?

A Better World for Babies

This trio wasn't just thinking about the short-term benefits of their baby-boosting idea either. Bamboo emerged as the shining star centerpiece of this dream. The material has become a favorite of sheet and other fabric makers for its durability and its breathable, cool, and odor-resistant texture that feels great on all skin types.

Even more promising, this clean and green product is a friend to the environmentally conscious. You will not have to worry that you are contributing to pollution or other ecological problems with this non-toxic offering.

Peek-a-Boo! Options Galore

These charming onesies will shelter your baby at any time of year. You can select your sleeve size, and, in addition, choose from several colors that'll fit the family style and personality, such as pink, blue, purple, or brown. Every onesie comes with an adorable teddy bear adorning the front and, of course, that signature bum pocket on the back.

Why stop with a onesie when you can deck your baby out with a full wardrobe of peekable, wearable treasures? Onesies led the way for equally convenient and cute sleepers and jumpsuits, also available in a roster of colors. Top off your little one's look with a beautiful bonnet and blanket combination.

This company made by and for moms has experienced its own rebirth. Visit the relaunched E&B Baby and find a sizing chart, washing instructions, and the most tailored-to-you baby clothing you'll ever want or need.