Organic Sleepers, Baby Onesies, and More: Create a "Green" Baby Wardrobe

Picture a range of clothing for your baby that is cozy, comfortable, and makes diaper checks a breeze. At E and B Baby, have created the perfect "green" wardrobe for your little one. Made from all-natural bamboo fibers that protect your baby's sensitive skin, our baby onesies and organic sleepers enable your child to learn and explore in comfort.

Organic Sleepers, Baby Onesies, and More: Create a "Green" Baby Wardrobe

Protect Their Future

Be a custodian of your baby's future and make their first steps into life green. We have chosen bamboo material to create our garments because, as well as being soft and comfortable, bamboo is a sustainable crop. It requires fewer resources to produce than other fabrics, which makes it better for the environment.
Help to protect the world that your baby will inherit through dressing them in our eco-friendly range of jumpsuits, onesies, and sleepers.

Gentle On Skin

Has your baby got sensitive skin? Our clothing is hypoallergenic, so you don't need to worry about rashes, itching, or rubbing. Is your baby rolling? The zip on the side of the garment allows your baby to explore on their tummy without the worry of scratches. Sweat-resistant and well ventilated in our cute range of infant clothing, your baby will remain fresh all day.
Did you know that bamboo fabric can regulate heat? When your baby wears our garments, they can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo fabric is also sweat resistant as it has natural wicking properties, meaning your baby will stay dry while they play.

Bum Checks Made Easy

We know that all parents are busy, which is why we are making it easier for you to check your baby's diaper status. Now instead of having to remove layers of clothing, a bum check is made easy with our Peekinz Bum Pockets.
What is a Peekinz Bum Pocket? We are glad you asked. Our Peekinz Bum Pockets are a small pocket on the back of our onesies and sleep suits which enable parents to peek into their child's nappy without having to worry about removing their clothing or fussing with buttons and snaps. What used to take minutes now takes seconds: it's a game-changer.


Not only are our garments sustainable and useful, but they also look amazing! Our sleepers and onesies both have an adorable bear print design on the front and come in a range of natural colors which can be matched easily with other garments. The cute paw print non-slip feature on the feet of our sleepers allows your baby to navigate a range of surfaces in safety and in style.
At E and B Baby we strive to make your life easier by providing quality items of clothing for your baby, giving you that one less thing to worry about.
Head to E and B Baby to learn more about our sustainable range of baby clothing and to check out our cute range of colors and styles.