The Best Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes: Baby Sleepers, Onesies, and More

Why do babies need eco-friendly baby clothes? All moms quickly learn that babies go through onesies and baby sleepers fast! With E &B Baby's bamboo material, your baby's clothes will last longer and protect their sensitive skin from harsh chemicals. Many babies suffer from skin conditions including eczema and allergies. Here are the best clothing options on the market to protect your baby and provide years of comfort.

The Best Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes: Baby Sleepers, Onesies, and More

Adorable and Comfortable Onesies

E & B Baby onesies are made from bamboo and are breathable enough to protect your baby's skin from humid summer weather. Skin tends to get irritated when sweat mixes with humidity. The bamboo helps to make sure air and body heat are circulating to keep your baby more comfortable. Make sure you are washing your baby's clothes with a natural, chemical-free detergent.
Who says that eco-friendly clothes are plain? Your baby will get tons of compliments with our stylish onesies. Our onesies come in brown/pink, blue, and pink, with an adorable bear located on the chest area of the fabric. Long and short sleeves are available for hot or cold weather.
What makes these onesies stand out from other products is the peekinz pocket! Instead of having to unbuckle or unzip your baby's clothes for a diaper check, the peekinz pocket allows you to easily and quickly peek through the available flap. You will never be frustrated and waste valuable time again while checking a diaper with our clothes!

Convenient Sleepers

Most sleepers have nothing on the fabric below the feet to keep your mobile and curious baby from slipping. When a baby is starting to stand or use a walker, confidence can be diminished if they keep falling whenever they try to stand. Babies will learn to walk faster if they can maneuver easily. E & B Baby provides adorable paw-print grips on the bottoms of the feet to prevent your baby from slipping or falling.
We have three different colors to choose from including unisex, boy, and girl options with a bear graphic. Olive, brown/blue, and brown/pink colors will give you the variety you desire while staying fashionable. The peekinz pocket is also provided near the bum area of all our sleepers. The zipper of the sleeper is located on the side of the body, which makes sure that babies are not trying to unzip themselves. The zipper placed on the side helps the front and back to look more attractive.

Warm Jumpsuits

Our Jumpsuits protect your baby from cold weather with a hood. Choose from available blue/orange, pink, grey, and cream colors in sizes 0-18 months. The peekinz pocket is available so you can check for dirty diapers on the go!
Besides clothes, E & B Baby sells eco-friendly blankets and hats. The best onesies, sleepers, and jumpsuits for your baby should provide comfort, durability, breathability, and protection while saving the environment. For clothes that last forever and protect your baby's sensitive skin with natural materials, check out E & B Baby today!