Tips and Tricks for Organizing Baby Clothes

Organizing Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are tiny and adorable, and you may find yourself drowning in a sea of outgrown onesies and miniature socks. Organizing baby clothes can be overwhelming since they are so many, and you have to find somewhere to store them. You need to find an efficient method to keep everything sorted and organized and know when to get rid of things. Clothes organizers come in handy when you are sorting and organizing baby clothes.
Proper organization of baby clothes will put your little one on the right track, save money and give you peace of mind. Here are some parent-approved clever hacks for organizing baby clothes.

Dresser Organization

Rack dividers help you to sort baby clothes in different categories according to type, size, and season. It also helps to prevent the hangers from getting tangled and keeping your organization system in order.
Closet rails will offer you more storage space to store your baby’s growth. Adding a second rail on top of the existing rail can double your hanging space. Since baby clothes are tiny, they do not require much hanging space compared to adults.
Adding a second rail offers more room for built-in vertical space. This provides storage space for keeping toys, diapers, and extra receiving blankets.
Ornament boxes are a great way to store matching baby clothing items. For example, baby apparel usually has sets of matching tops and bottoms. If you just put them in a large dresser drawer, you spend a lot of time searching for matching sets. Moreover, these boxes have little squared-off sections for more organized storage.
Freezer bags offer a great solution to store baby clothes that are still too big or out-of-season clothes. You can buy them at a store or online and hang them using command hooks. You can store onesies, socks, and sleepers when the baby is small and later store hair accessories or swimming suits when they grow older.

Use Hooks

Using baby hangers is helpful, but they do not support pants. They can also become tangled when hanging sleeveless baby clothes. Using hooks slanging over the hanging bar or mounted to the wall can help you store baby clothes more efficiently.
There are various options, including S-hooks that are versatile and ideal for hanging heavy items that occupy a lot of space. Clothespins are also a good choice for storing two-piece outfits by clipping the skirts or pants to the bottom part of the hanger.

Organize Baby Clothes by Type and Size

Organizing baby clothes will make it easier to find them when you need them. You can achieve this by dedicating a section of the baby’s dresser to clothes for warm weather, cold weather, or footwear. This way, when it gets cold, you will know exactly where to look for warmer clothes.
Baby clothes vary by size, and you want to organize them by making piles for each size you have. Each pile can have items based on age, and this allows you to know the clothes that the baby has already grown out of. If you find that a clothing item looks substantially smaller or bigger than the other clothing in a pile, you can move it up or down a size.


Babies have numerous tiny clothing items that they use throughout the day. This includes bibs, socks, mittens, and hats. They also need many towels and blankets. Drawers are suitable for storing these items, but they may get swallowed up, making it difficult to find little clothing items.
You can use baskets to keep baby clothes separated and well organized. Additionally, you can find baskets in all shapes and sizes. This will allow you to find the ideal basket for each item of clothing item.

Hanging baskets are available in a wide range of materials and designs. They are ideal for storing baby clothes and other stuff. You can hang these baskets by attaching a pair of hangers to the closet walls. Hanging baskets are available in quality durable plastics, and you can use them for storing for a long time.
You can also choose organic cotton rope baskets made from cotton. They do not leave accidental scratches in the closet and are skin-friendly. Moreover, they are washable, meaning you can clean them as many times as you want.
Wire baskets are great organizational tools that add a vintage feel and a touch of whimsy to the nursery. You can also add your baby’s name in a wooden block to enhance the mood. Wire baskets are ideal for storing diapers and pajamas.

Door Shelves

It is essential to maximize the available space, especially if you have a small house or room. You can use track-mounted storage baskets to make use of empty closet doors. These storage spaces are ideal for stashing extra diapers or out-of-season clothes.
Closet doors are easily customizable with shower curtain hooks so that you can hang baby items with ease. You can also use them to hang bibs, tiny shoes, or thin baby blankets. Shower curtain hooks are available in different decorative styles.
Shoe organizers can also be mounted on doors to store clothing items while maximizing space. You can create color patterns or match outfits by day of the week.

Maximizing Floor Space

Since cribs do not occupy much floor space, you can maximize the rest of the space for storing baby clothes. You can use a rolling cart to store your crafts or as a bar cart. They are available in various colors, and you can store your baby’s blankets, shoes, and onesies.
You can also use bookshelves to store baby clothes. This will help you to keep your nursery organized. Toy bins a good option for organizing baby clothes. They can be labeled easily to store various items and toys when the baby grows older.
There is more storage space under the crib that you can use to store clothing. Customized drawers can fit underneath the crib to store clothes. You can also fit cardboard boxes and plastic bins under the crib.


Folding baby clothes is a great organizational tip to make everything look neat in the nursery. The Kon Marie style of folding baby clothes allows you to see each and every item. This will help to avoid digging in a pile of clothes while searching for a specific item.


You can designate an entire dresser drawer to bedding items to keep your nursery functional and organized. The drawer can have blankets, sheets, and mattress protectors. When you need a particular bedding item, you will know exactly where to look.

Functional Organization

You can fold baby clothes you won’t use immediately and store them. Use plastic bins or freezer bags for each size to store clothes that you do not expect the baby to wear when born. Finally, label each bag with appropriate labels and organize them for later use.
You then have to organize baby clothes in use during their first few weeks or months. Here, you can use a large dresser with several drawer organizers to store baby clothes. You can store the clothes in divider boxes to keep things neat and organized.
These tricks and tips can help you keep your baby clothes organized. Clothes organizers allow you to save time and remain stress-free when it comes to finding baby clothes.