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E & B Baby is regarded by mothers and fathers across Canada as being the best Canadian baby clothing store. As anybody who has purchased one of our sleepers, onesies, or jumpsuits in the past will tell you, this is a reputation that is very much justified. In our efforts to manufacture the absolute best baby pajamas possible, we use only the finest materials and work with the greatest designers in all of Canada. This means our online shop is stocked with high-quality baby clothing that is every bit as practical as it is stylish.

Of all the products we sell, our sleepers are among the most popular. But what is it that makes our sleepers so special? There is no single answer to this question, so today we're going to be discussing some of the key factors that separate our sleepers from other baby sleepers in Canada.

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Bamboo Construction

One of the defining features of our sleepers is their bamboo construction. This is important as bamboo is an odor-resistant material, which ensures unpleasant smells don't stick around. Furthermore, bamboo is breathable, non-toxic, and does not irritate sensitive skin. This makes it a great choice for babies who experience itching, rashes, and other forms of irritation that are not uncommon with store-bought sleepers.

Side Zipper

Even many of the best sleepers and pajamas online feature a zipper that runs down the front of the outfit. While this zipper placement is certainly the norm, it is far from the best option when it comes to baby clothing. Front zippers can get in the way as your baby tosses and turns in their sleep, thus causing them discomfort. Additionally, it is not uncommon for babies to accidentally open front zippers and inadvertently expose themselves to the elements. Our sleepers feature a unique side zipper. This innovative placement ensures the zipper stays out of your baby's reach and does not disturb them as they sleep.

Peeking Pocket

One of the great disadvantages of many onesies and baby jumpsuits in Canada is that they must be removed in order to determine if a diaper has been soiled. Because E & B Baby is run by parents, for parents, we understand how frustrating this can be. That's why we have equipped all of our baby clothing with a handy peeking pocket. This peeking pocket will allow you to inspect your baby's diaper without need for removing their sleeper. This ensures your baby will not be exposed to the elements or have their sleep interrupted if you suspect their diaper may need changing.

Gripped Feet

The feet of our sleepers are covered in paw prints. While adorable, these paw prints aren't just there for stylistic reasons. They also serve as grips, keeping your baby stable and secure as they explore the world around them. These grips are resistant to hair and filth, so you won't have to worry about your child bringing dirt into their crib.

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