Bamboo Baby Onesies

Baby onesies are available in stores across Canada. However, many of these onesies are mass produced and made from poor-quality materials. In fact, it is not uncommon for store-bought baby onesies to cause itching, rashes, and other forms of skin irritation. If you want to be certain you are purchasing the best onesies and baby jumpsuits in Canada, you must purchase them from the best Canadian baby clothing store. At E & B Baby, we are proud to be that baby clothing store.

As the manufacturer of the best baby pajamas in our great country, we produce a variety of high-quality baby onesies. All of our onesies are manufactured using bamboo fabric, which gives them a number of advantages over more traditional alternatives. We're going to be discussing the most noteworthy of these advantages in this article.

Here are the top reasons you should purchase our bamboo baby onesies.


As any parent will tell you, there is no smell quite as unpleasant as a soiled diaper. Even when a dirty diaper has been removed and cast to the trash, its smell seems to linger on the baby's clothing for what seems like an eternity. That is, of course, unless they are wearing one of our bamboo baby onesies. Bamboo fabric is odor-resistant, so you won't have to worry about unpleasant smells sticking to it.


Low-quality onesies can become pretty uncomfortable during the summer months. By retaining heat and blocking the flow of fresh air, they can cause overheating and dehydration. This is not an issue with bamboo onesies. Bamboo fabric is light and breathable, despite its ability to retain warmth. This means the onesies available from our baby clothing store online will keep your little one feeling fresh and rested.

Safe For Sensitive Skin

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, many mass-produced baby onesies can irritate sensitive skin. This, in turn, can lead to itching, scratching, and a whole lot of crying. If you want to ensure your baby enjoys maximum comfort with no skin irritation, you should purchase one of our bamboo onesies. As a natural material, bamboo is gentle on the skin and will not cause or aggravate skin conditions. Additionally, the designs printed on our onesies sit on the exterior of the fabric exclusively. They do not run through to the inside of the pajamas, meaning they will not irritate your baby’s torso.


When you become a parent, it is only natural that you will grow increasingly concerned about global warming, pollution, and other issues which could impact that world your child inherits. For this reason, many parents are drawn to our bamboo onesies over the store-bought models offered by other manufacturers. This is because our bamboo baby onesies are natural and eco-friendly. They do not cause any harm to the environment and will play a role, if even only a small one, in ensuring your child grows up in a world full of natural beauty.

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