Eco Friendly Baby Blanket

E & B Baby is considered by many to be the best Canadian baby clothing store. This is a reputation we have worked tirelessly to earn, and one that we intend to keep by continuing to manufacture the finest onesies and baby jumpsuits in Canada. However, our online store is not limited to baby clothing. We also stock a wide range of accessories to keep your baby warm and comfortable. One of the most popular of these accessories is our eco friendly baby blanket.

Our eco friendly baby blanket beautifully complements our best baby pajamas. But just why is that? Why should you choose our blanket over similar products offered by other baby clothing stores online? There are too many reasons for us to list here, so we have chosen the most noteworthy of them for this article.

Here are the top five reasons your baby will love our eco friendly blanket.

Bamboo Construction

E & B Baby became one of Canada's leading sources for baby sleepers and pajamas online by utilizing bamboo to manufacture our clothing. Our baby blankets feature that same bamboo construction. Bamboo fabric is a gentle material that won't irritate sensitive skin or aggravate allergies. It features natural moisture wicking, meaning it's guaranteed to keep your baby comfortable throughout nap time.


Some eco friendly baby blankets are great during the winter, but become extremely uncomfortable during the warmer months of the year. At best, such a blanket will disturb your baby's sleep, which is bad enough. At worst, it could cause dehydration, which could lead to some serious health issues. Our bamboo blanket retains heat, but is also breathable. This ensures your baby will enjoy a steady stream of fresh air all sleep long and will wake up feeling cool and refreshed.

Odor Resistant

Parenting is an amazing experience that will introduce you to many new things. Unfortunately, this includes a seemingly never-ending barrage of new (and not always pleasant) smells. As any parent will tell you, it is not uncommon for strange odors to stick to clothing and blankets. That’s why we designed our blanket to be odor resistant. Your baby will delight in the blanket’s sustained freshness as their sense of smell develops.


Our baby blanket is one of the most versatile on the market today. While it is a great choice for nap time, it can also be used during feeding, sick days, and outdoor excursions. Some parents even rely on it to shield themselves from spit up! Luckily, the blanket can be easily cleaned and returned to pristine condition in a single wash.

Multiple Colors Available

Studies have repeatedly shown that the colors a baby experiences can influence their development. It’s important to keep this in mind when shopping for clothes and accessories for your baby. Our baby blanket is available in four different colors. They are blue, brown, cream, and pink. With multiple colors to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding a blanket that will resonate with your baby’s unique personality.

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