Eco Friendly Infant Onesies

Right now, responsible environmental action is more important than ever before. The times when we could sit back and treat global warming and pollution as issues for the government and career activists to worry about are over. If we are to leave any sort of planet for our children to inherit, all of us must start doing our part to protect the environment. Thankfully, this isn't nearly as intimidating as it sounds. Protecting the environment is a large task composed of simple tasks, such as recycling empty bottles, walking instead of driving, and purchasing onesies and baby jumpsuits in Canada from E & B Baby.

We know that last part may seem like a shameless plug for our company, but it is far from it. As the best Canadian baby clothing store, we are one of the few manufacturers of eco-friendly infant onesies in the country. Unlike other suppliers of baby sleepers and pajamas online, we manufacture our clothing using eco-friendly bamboo fabric.

If you have not purchased a bamboo baby onesie before, you probably have a lot of questions you'd like us to answer. We're going to be doing just that in this article.

Here is everything you need to know about our eco-friendly infant onesies.

Why Bamboo?

There are a number of eco-friendly materials that we could have used in the manufacturing of our onesies. So why did we choose bamboo? We settled on bamboo fabric because it has many additional advantages to being gentle on the environment. Bamboo fabric is odor-resistant, breathable, and flexible. Furthermore, it is cost-effective, which allows us to sell you the best baby pajamas at the most affordable prices.

Are There Other Unique Features?

It isn't just their bamboo construction that sets our onesies apart from the competition. Our onesies boast a number of additional unique features, such as the side zipper. As its name suggests, the side zipper runs down the side of onesie, as opposed to the front. This innovative design ensures your baby doesn't accidentally open their onesie. Meanwhile, a handy peeking pocket allows parents to inspect their baby's diaper without removing their pajamas entirely.

What Colors Are They Available In?

Many people hold the erroneous belief that clothing can’t be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. As our bamboo onesies show, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Our onesies are available in a variety of colors - including blue, pink, and purple - so you can be certain you’ll find one that reflects your infant’s unique personality.

But Are They Comfortable?

Okay, so our bamboo onesies are eco-friendly, innovative, and stylish. But are they comfortable? As the many positive testimonials available on our website will confirm, yes they are. Our onesies are breathable and feature unsurpassed natural moisture wicking. This ensures your baby will always enjoy a comfortable sleep, even in those typically restless summer months.

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At E & B Baby, it is our goal to ensure our children inherit a beautiful planet and, with it, a future in which they can achieve anything they set their minds to. You can join us in this mission by visiting our baby store online and purchasing one of our eco-friendly bamboo onesies. For more information on how you can support E and B Baby, email us directly at